Believe it or not, one of us used to work at a dodgy bar for three years! Why, you may ask? So that we could see gigs every single day! The best thing for the job is that you would get to see all the random gigs – bands you would never have chosen to go see otherwise – and you’re surprised by how great they turn out to be.

Well, things could work a little easier here with SUPERSWEET. We are after kids who are passionate about music, live music to be specific who are willing to work for the tickets. We bring the best bands in the world to you, in our humble opinion, and YOU will get a chance to work closely with them and with us, see what it’s like in the real world. We warn you it’s not all that glamorous and we all work our asses off too!

Every time we will offer different rewards: autographed items, meet & greets, and so on. But most of all, you will get to watch the gig for absolutely nothing! Interested now? Email live at supersweet dot org and let us know, don’t forget to leave your phone number so we can get hold of you pronto!

See you soon!

SS x