SS: How do you see SUPERSWEET in comparison to Sretsis and what made you decide to collaborate with them?
Matina Sukhahuta (Design Director of Matina Amanita for Sretsis): Sretsis is more than just a fashion brand, it’s a lifestyle. Our clothes are not meant for a certain type of women – one could be ultra feminine, the other a little more modern – but for people that share a certain lifestyle. We see SUPERSWEET as one of the Sretsis girls, someone who’s into music but not limited to just one genre, someone who appreciates the variety. We speak the same language, see the world the same way, the only difference being that Sretsis use fashion as a medium while SUPERSWEET use music mainly.

When you’re a designer or an artist, music is what links us together. People that listen to the same music will usually be into the same clothes and like similar things. We see SUPERSWEET as that friend, we understand each other without saying too much.

SS: What makes a Live Exhibition a unique experience?
Matina: A Live Exhibition is accessible, it can happen on any given day and it’s one-off. SUPERSWEET shows are always more than just concerts, it’s a life with music. Like many great films, they’re great because they have amazing music to soundtrack. When we do our shows, we use music as a channel to send out the message. For us, clothes don’t end the minute they go on the rails. We want people to clearly understand the big picture in a real life context because we don’t make clothes for special occasions, we make them for everyday use.

With the Live Exhibition that we want to present this time, it’s not a one-man project. It’s created for this particular day and can happen because of everyone that attends, it’s a context that we create, but whatever happens will be totally organic and everyone will feel like they’re a part of it, not just spectators, they’re all a piece of the puzzle.

SS: Why Summer Camp?
Matina: In many ways, they are so similar to Sretsis and SUPERSWEET. They didn’t just make an album but created fictional characters for it. It’s like when we create a collection, we’d imagine the plot and then make clothes for the story. Summer Camp made up life in Condale (California, USA). They’re British, but when they sing, they sing in American accent to get into character. I don’t think God could have given us a better gift. Our new collection (Spring/Summer 12: Oh, My Dear, Deer!) is about a couple and farm life. We can envision the duo as that couple in Oh, My Dear, Deer! too.

SS: What can we expect from SUPERSWEET Live! presents Summer Camp by Sretsis this May?
Matina: We’re combining all the fun elements you get from music, fashion and art into one Live Exhibition. A concert alone is fun already, but we want more. We are launching Sretsis new collection at the show without doing a fashion show. It’s an exhibition that customers can actually experience the big picture we mentioned first-hand instead of seeing the clothes worn by someone unrealistically tall and skinny on a runway. This will be something everyone can relate to, and they will be able to understand how it applies to real life with the mood created by Summer Camp music as soundtrack. We’re presenting the mood of the collection and the lifestyle the way we wish to be understood.

We also play on the words “Summer Camp” and turn the show into one. At the show we will be selling sentimental items – items that are born out of new friendships while summer camping, something small and fun but can make you feel fuzzy and warm inside. They will be exclusively created for both Sretsis and SUPERSWEET. The atmosphere won’t be like going to a show in a dark club but a totally new experience that hasn’t happened yet in Thailand, or maybe even anywhere because this show is designed especially for Summer Camp, Sretsis and SUPERSWEET.

SS: SUPERSWEET is all about music, fashion and art. How do you feel about these three elements?
Matina: These three things are us. We can’t imagine a life without any one of them, they are deeply connected. This show will be an event that gels all three together and everyone will be able to understand how they’re all closely linked. We think SUPERSWEET play an important role in joining the dots. It will be a rather magical moment when everything and everyone from all the three industries come together in one night like this.